Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Exclusive: MSI Soccer Says MCPS Bid Process, "highly irregular and rife with conflicts of interest, false statements..."

The Parents Coalition has obtained a copy of the public comment given yesterday to the Montgomery County Council concerning a proposal to install artificial turf on the Churchill High School football field.  Below is the cover letter from MSI to the County Council that details MSI Soccer, Inc.'s complaint.

Included in the cover letter on Page 5:
...Mr. Song stated that "they" intended to issue a "rejection of all bids" ...MSI objected on the basis that the selection committee had previously stated that all negotiations had been completed and MSI had been informed that it had been selected.  Mr. Song responded "well, since nobody will be able to prove what was said in any of those meetings, we are just going forward with this process."...
Note to Montgomery County Council:  You have the power to subpoena witnesses and put them under oath.  Maybe it's time to consider swearing in MCPS staff when they come before the Council?  


  1. Obviously MSI didn't give enough to the campaign coffers of BOE members, Council, or Leggett. How long have they been operating in Montgomery County? Surely they know the rules by now. Montgomery County is the poster child of Pay for Play.

  2. The culture of cronyism HAS TO END. We're getting a new COO with Andy Zuckerman - will he fix it? If it's too much trouble to establish a fair bidding process, then I guess we continue to divert money from actual education to pay the lawyers. The cabal in charge of our district should be thankful we don't have a parent trigger law, but we are still ripe for takeover by school reformers who think that charter schools are the way to go.

    1. then who will get the kickbacks?


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