Monday, July 28, 2014

MSI To Council: “You can’t separate the appropriation from the public policy objective."

Well, you can if you are on the Montgomery County Council! Our Council doesn't understand that when they are voting on an Appropriation that is the subject of the vote.  

Instead, our Council will ignore the appropriation of the money for the Churchill High School artificial turf construction and vote on unicorns or some other fantasy.  If the appropriation (hint:  that's the funding for the field) gets tied up in court, the field could be ripped up without a funding source to complete the project. That's the inherent danger of turning over public land to private entities. The Churchill High School field will now be at the mercy of private companies and litigation. 


Bethesda Magazine: Amid Lawsuit, Council Committee Recommends Churchill Turf Field

...“These issues are intrinsically linked,” he said. “You can’t separate the appropriation from the public policy objective. The broad spectrum of kids are not being well-served.”
The full council is scheduled Tuesday to vote on the measure... 
...Council member Cherri Branson said those discrepancies lead her to question how school system officials conducted the procurement process.
“I understand why that partnership was chosen for the bid, but I also understand the need for an open, competitive process,” she said. “That could have avoided a lawsuit or a least any hard feelings.”...

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