Thursday, July 24, 2014

Phil Fumbles Again

Phil - no matter how hard you try, you just keep on messing up on the Montgomery County Board of Education's New Policy on Expense Reports.

First, you have the new policy listed for action on the agenda dated July 28.  Isn't this supposed to be introduced as new business with an opportunity for public comment?   If you are going to take action, isn't the public entitled to review the document before your vote?

Second, you don't follow the Board's own policy for issuing new policies.  Why have these fancy process maps on the website if you don't follow them?  The Policy Committee is supposed to draft policies - what is up with an ad hoc committee anyway?

And, finally, you are going in to closed session to discuss the policy before you vote.  Wrong again.  How is the public supposed to comment if you don't provide an opportunity for comment?

Remember the principals of ethics from your long tenure in the government?  Public service is a public trust. You've lost the confidence of the MoCo community.  Hastily putting forth a policy that still needs work is not going to work.

The only policy that you can possibly vote on is one that has you and the rest of the Board of Education members tear up the cards, pack own lunch, and stay home.

As the saying goes, three strikes and you are out.  Its time to go back to the bench.


  1. If you are new to Montgomery County you might not realize that the Board of Education has spent unknown thousands/millions of dollars on Process Maps like the one shown above. MCPS has won awards for their use of Process Maps!!! Accolades!!! Conventions!! National Presentations!!! MCPS is the model for using Process Maps.
    They got the Baldridge Award and have been lauded by APQC for years for their use of Process Maps

    And then, when it come time to actually use one for real? Not so much.


    We're always happy to work with Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and this month
    we are delighted to share a Case Study summarizing some of the great work they are doing as one of
    the APQC Education North Star Community pioneers. The systemic and thorough approach they
    have taken to their Seven Keys to College Readiness is simply fantastic. Read more below

  2. Seven Keys? Those are sooooo 2010.

  3. Feeling Lost?
    The page you were looking for might have
    been deleted or never even existed.


    1. Yes and the Baldridge Award is still proudly displayed in a glass case outside the Board of Education meeting room.

  4. Was this award for 'missing the forest for the trees?'

  5. Did anyone actually pay to attend this conference?


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