Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Response to Phil Kaufman's Ad Hoc Committee for Review of Board Processes and Guidelines on Board Expenditures

Phil, Phil, you are getting this wrong yet again.

Your committee or gathering or whatever it is that is reviewing Board Processes and Guidelines for Board Expenditures is a waste of your time.

You need a simple solution.

1.  Cut up the credit cards.
2.  No reimbursement using public (taxpayer) money for parties and food.
3.  Stay home.

Keep in mind, you have lost the public's confidence.  Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, you and your fellow Board Members have been crying "we need more money" while you have been spending without limit and without oversight.

Do the right thing NOW.

Stop spending taxpayer dollars on personal enrichment expenses and loans.  Cold turkey.

Only then should you start to develop a policy for Board Expenditures.


  1. If it makes sense then it is illegal.

  2. Thank you Magnet Mom. I'd love them to listen. I believe that the people running for BOE agree with you.


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