Friday, July 11, 2014

Another $103,000 for Pearson! #Australiatripwithpurchase

At the June 30, 2014, Board of Education (BOE) meeting the BOE members voted to send another check to Pearson.
4343.1The SOIP Model Professional Development
NCS Pearson, Inc.

Now, while the BOE is sending checks to Pearson how much is MCPS getting back in royalties from our super cool deal with Pearson? Anyone buying Pearson Forward?  Has MCPS received any royalties?

Here's how much of the MCPS Operating Budget has gone to Pearson related companies since 2010.


The Washington Post 2011
But, remember Superintendent Jerry Weast got a fabulous trip to Australia from the Pearson Foundation!  That was worth $5.5 million...


  1. What district would be stupid enough to buy the Pearson Forward curriculum? It's a curriculum that was rushed to press, and MCPS teachers are having to spend hours upon hours to revamp the curriculum so that small parts of it can be taught. In addition to analyzing and rewriting the Pearson Forward curriculum, teachers are having to gather the resources for this curriculum, because Pearson/MCPS did not have time to gather appropriate resources to accompany their poorly written lessons. Yes...........teachers are spending hours after school everyday searching for books, making teaching manipulatives, researching curriculum in other school districts to gather resources, and making flip charts that will align with the poorly produced Pearson Forward. It should be called Pearson Backward! The entire MCPS school district has become the pilot program for this curriculum, and it's not going too well at all. The curriculum is just not ready to be taught as it is. A good curriculum should enable the teacher to focus on his/her students in providing good/organized lessons with accompanying resources. Instead, MCPS teachers spend all their time focusing on a poorly organized curriculum. The Pearson Forward curriculum has actually done the opposite of what a good curriculum is intended to do. THE FOCUS is now on trying to understand the poorly written curriculum and make resources. The students? 2nd to the curriculum in MCPS...... students are frustrated. The teachers? Focused on the curriculum and exhausted the curriculum. Students really being left behind by the Pearson Forward. Sure miss the old days when teachers were exhausted by teaching their students. It was a good exhaustion!

    1. We are happy to hear from teachers, but the bottom line is that Pearson Forward is endorsed by the teachers union. If teachers want to speak out, we will certainly post any and all commentary on Pearson Forward on this blog. The more the better. Let's have a public discussion about this very private curriculum.


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