Friday, July 18, 2014

Breaking News: Another cell tower for a public school playground! #milestone #votedougduncan #celltower #HAZMAT

Daly Elementary School playground
Germantown, MD
Another cell tower is coming to a Prince George's public school playground. 
Do parents or neighbors at this school even know about this proposal yet? Bet they don't. 
We just found this public notice buried in the notices in the Prince George's County Sentinel
How often do you read the public notices? If you live near a public school in Maryland you should be reading them every week because this is how you get public notice of a cell tower going up at your neighborhood public school playground. 

Remember the Prince George's BOE spent a total of 40 seconds in 2010 putting through cell towers for 73 public school sites in the county.  This public notice is for James Madison Middle School in Upper Marlboro, MD, but the notice doesn't tell you that.

This is the super cool deal that Montgomery County's own Doug Duncan pushed on Boards of Education all over the state.


Note: Do not look for these notices online.  The full Prince George’s County legal notice section is available only in the subscriber edition of the Sentinel, which is available for sale at selected locations throughout Prince George’s County.


Network Building + Consulting on behalf of Milestone Communications propose to build 132-foot Monopole Communications Tower.  If the tower requires lighting,anticipated lighting application is mediumi ntensity dual red/white strobes.

The Site location is 300 Woodyard Road,Upper Marlboro, Prince George County,MD 20772,

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Antennae Structure Registration (ASR,Form 854) filing numbe ris A0909292.
ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS-Interested persons may review the application
by entering the filing number.
Environmental concerns may be raised by filing a Request for Environmental Review
fillings are strongly encouraged.

The mailing address to file paper copy is: FCC Requests for Environmental Review Attn: Ramon Williams,445 12th Street SW, Washington DC 20554.

HISTORIC PROPERTIES EFFECTS - Public comments regarding potential effects on historic properties may be submitted within 30 days from the date of this publication to:
Trileaf Corp 
Natalie.kleikamp@... 10845 Olive Blvd Suite 260 St Louis MO 63141 314-997-6111.


  1. The notice does not even mention the name of the school or even that it's at a school. They give the address, though, and they give the latitude and longitude of the school. How many people know the latitude and longitude of their kid's school? How many people even know the address of their kid's school? Quick, what is the address of your child's school?

  2. Burying the installation of a cell tower at James Madison Middle School in the PG Sentinel’s “Notices” section, proving the address and latitude/longitude (required by law) and calling it a “monopole” (not a cell tower) are all intended to obfuscate this project from the public. Shame on Milestone Communications , whose business model is, “Irradiate our children is the name of a quick buck.” SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on DOUG DUNCAN, who as a father of 5 children, should have some semblance doing the right thing and not put the children of others in harm’s way. Let us not forget that in addition to taking $8,000 of campaign contributions from
    Leonard Forkas, Jr., President & CEO of Milestone Communications (Reston Virginia) and his wife Viena E. Forkas, within the last year, in order to fund his failed run for Montgomery County Executive, Doug Duncan has been, and may still be, a lobbyist for Milestone Communications. Duncan’s efforts in Prince Georges and other counties to promote the installation of cell towers at public school sites is both treacherous and infamous. If you see Doug Duncan hanging out in a county office-building near you, waiting for an appointment, get out your Pitch-Forkas.


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