Monday, July 28, 2014

NBC4: Montgomery Co. School Board Terminates Government-Issued Credit Cards

Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education has voted to get rid of its own government-issued credit cards, after a large and embarrassing spending spree by its members.
Last month, News4 I-Team reported the school board's part-time members – who earn about $18,500 per year -- spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on pricey meals and hotel rooms.
Christopher Barclay, a school board member, charged more than 100 meals to taxpayers since 2010.
During a meeting Monday evening, Barclay apologized for repeatedly using the credit card to purchase dozens of meals at restaurants near district headquarters. Records show he also used the money for a hotel room and room service at the Washington Hilton.

"I am very conscious of the toll this has taken on the institution and my colleagues... and for that I am very sorry," Barclay said.

Records show multiple board members, including the board of education president, partook in a $500 dinner in Ocean City, funded by taxpayers...


  1. wow, i'm impressed. it only took theft and embarrassment for the board to do what's right.

    1. What did they do?

      They only cut up 8 out of 1,500 credit cards and they still have a $96,000 expense account for the BOE. The BOE hasn't changed how much cash they have to spend on themselves. No gain for students or classrooms.


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